A visit to my friend Thomas … and Copenhagen city tour!

Thomas and his dad asked me already long time to come by one day… so on my way up North i stopped by their (lovely) houses and was ready for a day of Danish fun…:)

The Bay window is Thomas daily driver, summer and wintertime!!

2018-06-27 10.38.34_resized

And this cool convertible is Thomas wife summer driver!

2018-06-27 10.40.29_resized

Thomas has a couple of cool Porsches, very cool actually!

2018-06-27 11.01.15_resized

Crazy story behind this ubercool patina 190sl but for that you have to visit Thomas yourself!

2018-06-27 11.13.32_resized

On the road with the bay window…

2018-06-27 12.12.03_resized

First stop to our friend Jan, nice guy in a cool shop… lots of books, yammie!!

2018-06-27 12.18.41_resized

But also many parts…:)

2018-06-27 12.38.02_resized

Thomas doing his home work…:)

2018-06-27 12.55.11_resized

Oh yes there was plenty to score…:)

2018-06-27 12.58.24_resized

Talking about every VW key that existed…:)

2018-06-27 12.59.46_resized

And back in the bus for more!

2018-06-27 13.57.56_resized

A private tour to Copenhagen!

2018-06-27 14.49.08_resized2018-06-27 15.49.27_resized2018-06-27 16.01.38_resized2018-06-27 16.03.06_resized2018-06-27 16.08.54_resized2018-06-27 16.12.41_resized

The new opera house! Granted to the city by the owner of Maersk line…

2018-06-27 16.14.26_resized

Royal Palace… Queen wasn’t home so I was NOT invited for tea, what a shame!

2018-06-27 16.46.31_resized

and off course the little mermaid, most famous statue from the whole Denmark…

2018-06-27 16.57.43_resized

Back home @ Thomas, a family picture with Thomas, his dad, Thomas’ three children and yours truly…

2018-06-27 18.17.29_resized

One more ferry further North… now the road is waiting me… have to drive lots of kilometers now…:)

2018-06-27 18.56.02_resized

Stay tuned!

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