Friday Product Update

Ain’t summer time beautiful! Welcome to the summer, the summer of BBT, with every week plenty of new products! And this week being not an exception!

Let’s start with early Bay (T2a) splash pans. The splash pan is the metal plate between your rear bumper and the body of your bus, on every corner left and right, starting from the bumper bracket going all the way to the edge. It keeps mud, water and dust, thrown up behind your rear wheels, from splashing between your bumper upwards. When no splash pans have been installed, this makes your body dirty and tail lights invisible.

If your bus doesn’t have splash pans, then they’re missing. Every early bay window bus left the factory with splash pans!

Many times they’re missing because it’s easier to mount a bumper without, or, simply, they are rusted out and thrown away…

We, @ BBT, have now a perfect replacement splash pan, ready to mount! Nicely made for a correct fit! Sold by the pair, and fits all early bay windows till 07/71, NOT the zwitter T2ab bus, they’re different.

For Split window buses we have them already longer time under BBT ref 0077-010.

0077-020 Bumper splash pans – Bus 08/67-07/71 (pair)


How long that’ve we ‘ve been looking for this part is unknown, but the fact is, it reliefs a lot of frustration now it’s available… our box with used locks is still full, but all with broken, rusted through or missing springs. Yes you have read that right, these springs rust, and not a little bit!

Most people maybe never have seen this lock, but it’s the lock that keeps your sliding door locked in the open position. It’s on the body right behind your door under the bulge cover that hides your center sliding rail… The locks mainly don’t go wrong, but the springs do, now we offer you the perfect solution!  A brand new spring to replace that old scruffy, or the missing one…

7570-004 Spring sliding door lock mechanism rear – Bus 08/67-07/79


Early Split window buses had a support for the front bench  seat… if yours is missing or rusted out or damaged all the way around this is the perfect replacement and will give back that original feeling, and most importantly will hold your seat bench as it should!

0890-148 Support back rest bench seat – Bus 03/55-07/62


9522 BRM wheel, aluminium/grey, 15 x 5, 4 lug (4×130), ET +15

130.50 euro excl.


9527 BRM wheel, aluminium/metal, 17 x 7, 5 lug (5×100), ET +40

247.50 euro excl.


The BBT FPU team wish you a splendid weekend!

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