Its over, no longer Jan Hautekiet on Belgian radiostations…

Jan Hautekiet was over 40 years the best voice on national Belgian radio… last week he biked all over our country to say bye in style, followed by BBT’s turkish Samba bus…

Friday night I was invited toi Brussels for the final concert and to receive a cool applause for our effort to let our samba follow his small group of sporty “radio bikers”.

Jan granted us a very cool picture posing with us before our bus… the end of an icon in public life remind us we all get older, don’t we?


on stage with the whole group of people who made the last week happen…


After this the redaction and the master himself started a radio marathon of the very last of his most legendary programs, “Hallo Hautekiet” they broadcasted fromĀ  friday 10.00pm till 7.00 o’clock saturday morning, non stop… many people in Belgium enjoyed fully!

Jan, thanks again for bringing us so good radio for so many years, hopefully You will not regret your retirement, but if you do, don’t hesitate to come back, me and many others will welcome You… always!!!




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