Friday Product Update

Wowh what a week!! We received so many goods that we’re having the best infill rate since ever!! and more to come!!

We have also some long time back orders solved and some exciting new products added to our ever-growing stocks of fine products for your beloved Volkswagen!!

Welcome to our Friday product Update…

At first we can bring You the good news we have brand new door panels in stock now for the front doors of your Bay Window, high quality made by our house supplier TMI they’re guaranteed to fit!

Trow out that old rubbish doorcards and replace with this brand new quality part for loads of joy and total satisfaction!! Sold by the pair.

This door panels been mounted with our clips 0409-550 and rubber seal 0405-550, this hardware is specific for Bay window buses ONLY! as the mounting holes in the doors are only 6mm and so different size as other Volkswagen models.

0552-500 Doorpanels Bus – 08/67-07/79 black (front)

Classic Volkswagen mainly have a steel oil filler cap, Beetles, early buses, bay windows with upright engines and so on… but Volkswagens with Type 4 ,engines, wasserboxers and later Diesels have a plastic oil filler cap. We have now this oil seal for those plastic caps, and it will fit most plastic oil filler caps of the entire VAG group! a Very universal product on a hell of a price! Get yours now!

The gasket for the steel oil filler cap You can find under BBT ref 1847-250

1847-550 Oil cap seal (plastic cap)



Finally we have solved the problem of our fuel pump flanges! We helped out the OE supplier to get his toolings right and get the centerline of the axe guide straight! Lot of testing and samples, but now after exactly one year after our last supply we do have got our new and well working updated version back in stock!

Ready on our shelves for delivery!!

1690 Fuel pump flange 12/13/1600cc + 1.9 Waterboxer


We also got our new production of early Emergency brake boots for the early cars… this nice E brake booth fits all E brakes from August 1955 till July 1964 and is back in stock and ready for delivery now…

E brake booth -7/55 You can find under our ref nr 0707

E brake booth 08/64- You can find under our ref 0708

Same time we like to mention we have the “Split and Zwitter” E brake booth in development, this only goes on 1952 and 1953 cars, we hope to finish by the end of the year.

0707-500 Emergency brake boot Type 1 08/55-07/64 black

Our chroming plant finally finished the chrome on our OE Hubcaps for the early cars (-07/64) We buy these hubcaps under license of Volkswagen original and let chrome in our (EU) chroming plant for top quality finish. Our customers love them and we have found our hubcaps on worlds most renown restorations! These hubcaps we’re proud to call “ours”. BBT Quality approved guaranteed!

Bare hubcaps -7/64 You can find under our ref 2501-01

2501-02 Hubcap Genuine – chrome – BBT

Mounting a modern radio in a classic Volkswagen can be a real challenge. Years ago some companies sticked the heads together and the result was this piece of fiberglass that fits perfectly behind your glove box door and can hold any modern radio device! Out of sight when you close the glove box door and still easy to access when necessary. A cool little accessory that add real value and finish to your car!

Back in stock now and ready for delivery!

0516-7 Glove box for radio Beetle – 08/68-

Fancy a big engine in your beloved classic? Thinking of a Type 4 engine conversion? Type 4 engines are strong as hell with their all aluminum engine case and their larger engine displacements. Easy and reliable horse power… to finish all like it should You need a Porsche style cooling system what looks cool and fancy and give the necessary air to cool down, that heavy powerplant You have in mind. Imagine that this cooling system was developed to cool six cylinders in the Porsche 911. We sell the fan house for the Porsche for many years now, and we got a new delivery last week, so we have them back ready for delivery!

The mounting kit for the fan and the fan house for this conversion You can find under our ref 2166-500

The replacement oil filler/dipstick conversion for the Type 4 conversion You can find under our ref 2166-550

The Porsche style fan with generator you can find under our ref 2169

Type 1 Porsche fan conversion You can find under our ref 21602161-5002161-550

We like to mention that for a Type 4 engine conversion You will need machine work to the case to make the Porsche style fan to fit. We choose for this “low” style of conversion to make sure the engine lid of your beetle still close like it should. We can eventually offer the service for the machine work on special request, ask our sales people for help or assistance when problems occurs. 

2165 Fan house for Porsche cooling Type4


The base of a front seat in a bus is steel and the body too! This rubber buffers isolates the connection between the steel from the frame with the body to eliminate paint damage, scratching and scraping sounds. These buffers have been used on all models, panel van, window bus and pick ups. Get yours now and ensure yourself  that your seat is installed as it should be!

7485-060 Buffer under front seat Bus 08/60-07/62 (Hump bench seat) BBT production!!

7485 Front seat backrest stop Bus 08/62-07/67

7485-050 Buffer under 1/3 front seat Bus 08/62 – 07/74

7485-100 Buffer 2/3 frontseat bottom on passenger side for all Bus 08/62-07/74

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