Hautekiet trapt het af!

One of Belgium’s most famous radio makers will retire end of this week… Jan Hautekiet was for many the guy that brought us Pop music broadcasting when he and a couple of others founded Studio Brussels, still today one of Belgium’s most favourite youngster national broadcasting channels…

His Wednesday afternoon presentations are branded in our memories forever!

But as we all get older, Jan Hautekiet will retire. Off course an icon as he is, he can’t leave like that so he decided to bike all over our country (the Flemish part at least) and broadcast live out of a VW bus.

As I was live once in his studio to discuss the end of the VW bus production his redaction team called me… as a goodbye gift for all the countless hours he gave me radio joy I granted one of our VW buses for the week to follow him on his bike tour and to held his interviews…

Hautekiet 1_resized.jpg

Jan you’ve been a hell of a radio guy! Without You radio would be different in Belgium! Thanks for all You did! Many people of our generation are a big fan of you! Tell them BBT Bob told you!

Enjoy our 1964 bus for the last couple of days on your career, proud I could be part of it!

All the best!

Offcourse Belgian national radio “Radio1” don’t stop and Karolien will take over from Jan… how cute they look together before our 1964 VW samba bus



Who wants can follow Jan Hautekiet on his last journeys as a radiomaker on Facebook, instagram or Twitter, just search for “Hautekiet trapt het af”…

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