Out of the old box… a couple of shows we attendet in the previous century!

Yes we drive to VW shows for a while now!! last century, even before Europe was united we drove all over the place to visit certain shows… I don’t recall the years anymore but here’s a few show pictures from an era long time gone…

With my Black 53 ragtop  at a show in Cecina Mare Italy, looooong time ago!!

2018-03-08 17.18.09_resized

wowh, I used to have long hair… with the limo bus in Zemst Belgium…

2018-03-08 17.18.38_resized

Even longer ago, in Antwerp, very small show, but we brought out a real cool oval window ragtop we imported from California back then! Half on the trailer was a cool green split window….

2018-03-08 18.05.40_resized

Same oval was showed off at the Antwerp Classic salon… I still had hair, and Gunter had hair too!…

2018-03-08 18.07.36_resized

With my beige perfect restored split at le Bug show on the race track of Spa Francorchamps… that car was close to perfect… I sold it over 15 years ago maybe even 20 years ago to Japan…

2018-03-08 18.06.34_resized

With a bunch of friends and the BBT Limo to the south of France, Super VW nationals in Lege Cap Ferret!

2018-03-08 17.17.07_resized

and finally with my trusty worker from back then Dave at a small VW event in hometown Antwerp, at the docks of the port long before they made  Antwerp a low emission zone….

2018-03-08 17.17.47_resized

Nice to see old pictures… always good memories!!


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  1. Bangelijk de foto’s Bob leuk om terug te zien het waren 10 mooie jaren bij BBT echt een super tijd
    Groetjes cluyts dave

  2. Ik kan me ook nog herinneren sixflags holland vw euro een hele grote circus tent met daarin de BBT collectie en met de swimmer in het water daar en de zeer coole party samba van Dj Ben..die nog draaide met vinyl

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