Friday Product Update

We got new delivery of welded counterweight crankshaft… because of the buzz about, we decided toi get a separate part n° for every different size of grinding.So you can order the exact desired size… there’s a small price break for larger oversize cranks….

The welded counterweight crankshaft is still Bob’s favorite as it’s the only crank he never saw break! They’ve been made forever by his friend José in California and do the job as no other!

Counterweight cranks let your engine runs smoother, gives more horsepower, rev faster and give better mileage because everything runs way more in balance,

Get yours now!!

1600-010-010 Crankshaft with counterweight 69mm +0.25/+0.25 rod
1600-010-020 Crankshaft with counterweight 69mm +0.25/+0.50 rod
1600-020-020 Crankshaft with counterweight 69mm +0.50/+0.50 rod
1600-020-030 Crankshaft with counterweight 69mm +0.50/+0.75 rod
1600-030-020 Crankshaft with counterweight 69mm +0.75/+0.50 rod

We found a crazy large old supply of these oil deflector plates that mounts under your generator base for all type 1 engines from 1960 upwards…

This is absolute top quality and German-made!!

1930-010 deflectorplate under alternator support

In our current efforts to get all dashknobs we add this week the insert for the ventilation system knob. This inserts fits long and short knobs (padded en painted dashboard)

The missing knobs and inserts in our program are on their way! stay tuned!

0544-152 Centercap fresh air knob

These headlights have, in contrast to # 0660, an e-approval which becomes the more and more important for the Motor Vehicle Inspections. As these headlights are from Hella, we know that they are of an excellent quality. The headlight rim with 3-bolts are included as well

 0660-5 Headlight with rim, Hella, e-marked

The BBT FPU team wish You a wonderful weekend, with loads of sun and tons of VW fun!

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