BBT Flashback

These pictures been in our old shop in Brecht, “The Pigfarm” as we called it as that was what it used to be… this was our second location.

We worked hard as hell, but we had so much fun, young and powerful… oh no, we didn’t stop for the night…:)

Me behind the counter! When I still had hair! A lot of hair!…:)

2018-03-08 17.16.39_resized

Every week we took two beetles apart! yes, that’s 2 a week or over a hundred a year!!

2018-03-08 18.07.03_resized

Hein found the cars in Germany, when he had 7 beetles together, he called Jan, the transporter and he brought them over every other couple of weeks…

2018-03-08 18.07.17_resized

Where are these days gone? what a time…

If i want to go back?…No way! Today is fun too! Been there , done that….:)


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