Bad news, bad accident!

The way back to his home land Denmark was not a good one for this Volkswagen owner, close to Flensburg (North Germany) he was hit by a Ford Fiesta.  Driver was heavily injured… we have no news who it is (yet) but will keep You updated if we hear more!

We, with the whole BBT team and all VW friends, hope the driver will recover soon and well! we wish him a lot of strength and fast recovery!


The whole news article You can find here

This was the beetle on the 1st of may Käfertreffen in Hannover




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  1. Erik Petersen wrote us the following: Its Our car . Aleksander my Son is Okay and back in Denmark . Im still in Flensburg ( D ) With a badly broken leg . Broken Ribs and a broken bag . We are still alive 😇 Thats Whats importent at the moment .

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