Friday Product Update

Buttys Bits makes simply the best accelerator mounting sets of the world, period!

After a way too long, we finally stock all  their models for left hand drive Splittie en Bay window bus! RHD can be easily obtained on special order!

This is the ONLY way to get rid of that play of your accelerator pedal and get that smooth feeling when you push the pedal to the floor…

Time to floor it baby, with Buttys Bits smooth and flawless accelerator pedal mounting sets!

0285-300 Accelerator cable lever kit – Bus 03/55-07/59 Buttys Bits

0285-310 Accelerator cable lever kit – Bus 05/59-07/67 Buttys Bits

0286-300 Accelerator cable lever kit – Bus 08/67-07/72 Buttys Bits

0287-300 Accelerator cable lever kit – Bus 08/72-07/79 Buttys Bits

0287-305 Accelerator cable lever kit fuel injection – Bus 08/72-07/79 Buttys Bits

#3266 Muffler ‘Mondo’   € 112.50 excl.

#3276 Ceramic D.Q.P. muffler    € 157.50 excl.

BBT FPU team wishes you a wonderfull weekend!

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