Peppercorn VW show, many years ago…

Peppercorn was a cool VW show just over the channel in Kent UK… it was put on by real old school VW enthusiast and we loved to jump over and participate, we visited that show frequently! Fond memories!!

I drove over my beige 51 “perfect” split… that car is almost 20 years in Japan now!

2018-03-08 18.06.00_resized

This was the edition we traveled with Robert, Jose and Geert Mommen… what a fun weekend it was, we had a ball! Sadly Robert is no longer…:(

2018-03-08 18.05.49_resized

Trying out the new bike I brought over…:)

2018-03-08 18.06.13_resized

Keith Seume checking on the 51 split… made a nice feature back then!

2018-03-08 18.06.26_resized

This was a year later, the year I traveled alone, but had a great ball with my German friend Jorn Eckermann and also the year I came very close friend with Jimmy from Brussels… good times!.

Yes its still the same schwimmwagen I own today…

2018-03-08 18.06.54_resized

Happy weekend and keep’on dreaming of those long gone days… go through pictures and recall memories… that’s why pictures exist anyway!

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