A real happy customer!

Jamie Mellish is a real well happy customer now and just finished his splittie! All BBT parts off course!

The car is a 1952 Crotch-Cooler Split Bug, 4” narrowed beam, dropped spindles, BBT Sprintstars and bumpers, 2” dropped springplates, and splines rotated to give a good drop (6 outers drop, 5 inners raised as far as Jamie could count them…:))

IMG_2203 copy_resizedIMG_2212_resizedIMG_2213_resizedIMG_2214_resizedIMG_2218_resized

Thanks for the pictures Jamie!

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  1. Persoonlijk zeg ik, jammer van die ” verlaagde oudjes”.

    Groet, Pieter Los.
    In VW – Onderdelen, sinds 1967.

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