For Sale 1968 Karmann Ghia Convertible, driver…

First owner and comes with its original bill of sale! Well, let the summer begins!!

2018-04-18 11.18.51_resized

This is what they call in the USA “driver quality”, the car drives, brakes and does everything you need… if you don’t mind, all it needs is a service and check up and you’re ready for the road…

2018-04-18 11.19.09_resized

but.. paint is not perfect, and hood can be considered to be replaced, so why don’t drive it now like it is with minor works and attack a restoration next wintertime? Your decisions!

2018-04-18 11.19.13_resized

Now how stunning it looks? Pretty cool huh?

2018-04-18 11.19.40_resized2018-04-18 11.19.46_resized

Interior is pretty clean, updated few times during its life, this car HAS appeal!

2018-04-18 11.19.51_resized2018-04-18 11.20.01_resized2018-04-18 11.21.34_resized

In general the body is ok… the nose is not all bounced together, and the car is practically rust free!

2018-04-18 11.22.30_resized

Engine is all there and starts and runs, … sounds like a strong engine to us!

2018-04-18 11.23.26_resized

and when all else fails… just Hug your teddy!!

2018-04-18 11.23.31_resized

Underside looks good too!

2018-04-18 11.24.00_resized

Hood still close well, but is patched and the rear window has a major crack…

2018-04-18 11.25.57_resized

This car we couldn’t resist! The history makes part of the deal!!

Original Bill of sale included!


Just pure looking… like it says…I waiting for you! Can you resist? We couldn’t!

2018-04-18 11.29.19_resized

Don’t hesitate to contact me for more pictures and or detail or information, fire all of your questions to


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