San Francisco by night….

Leaving Reed and Heather I drove 101 North al the way to Monterey to stay with other friends Tom and Shelly… the greatest people in the world! We had a cool dinner and I stayed for the night… From there I drove to my friend Mark and Ray and visit their shop to continue driving through the city of San Francisco by night…

2018-04-10 05.23.19_resized2018-04-10 05.23.06_resized

The Bay Bridge is cool with no traffic…:)

2018-04-10 05.27.12_resized2018-04-10 05.27.25_resized

The restaurant Tom and Shelly brought had this old cab sitting in the back as for a minute You thought to be in Havana Cuba…:)

2018-04-09 06.02.18_resized

Or shall I take the horse to come home? Guess an airplane is little faster and… more comfortable…

2018-04-09 06.01.26_resized

That was it about this trip really… I had a good time, worked hard and saw a lot of my friends, isn’t that what traveling is staying for?

Back home now and see what new surprises awaiting me!

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