Meet Heather and Reed, two die hard Californian VW collectors!

Heather and Reed invited me to their house several times, but this was the first time it fit in my schedule to pay them a visit.

Super nice and always happy VW people!

2018-04-08 04.17.34_resized

and yes , their collection is very impressive!

2018-04-08 04.07.01_resized2018-04-08 04.01.58_resized

Reed has probably more Thing’s Acapulco’s as they ever made!!

2018-04-08 03.59.34_resized2018-04-08 03.58.08_resized2018-04-08 03.51.53_resized2018-04-08 03.50.08_resized

Watch this license plate!! On a pink version Acapulco!

2018-04-08 03.48.33_resized

And Reed has a lot of “stuff”!!

2018-04-08 03.48.10_resized

and very cool “stuff”!

2018-04-08 03.48.04_resized

There house is the best, unbelievable!!

2018-04-08 04.44.47_resized2018-04-08 04.46.02_resized

With unbelievable views…

2018-04-08 16.29.24_resized

Next to the orange tree’s…

2018-04-08 17.15.39_resized

and a special ATV to drive between the guesthouse and the main house, let’s head for breakfast!

2018-04-08 17.21.35_resized

Is the White Whale not perfect sitting before their shop? I would say… this would be a nice home for the White Whale!!! LOL!

2018-04-08 18.44.53_resized

Heater, Reed, You both are a hell of a guys!!

2018-04-08 19.56.27_resized

Thanks for everything, I enjoyed a remarkable stay!! and YES!!! I will come back for more!!…:)

Where I heading next? See tomorrow on this blog, I’m all loaded up to get more!!…:)




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  1. Heather and Reed are one of my few favorite VW people. I love their VW collections. 🤟🏻

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