Empty trailers need to be filled… and let’s drive baby, drive!!

Ah, I told you that i don’t like to pull an empty trailer…

Well I chased this car for about a half-year and now its mine! 1966 Type 34 “Pigali”, ultra rare! With “small” damage in the front… 🙂

2018-04-08 02.31.26_resized

So first I drove to orange county, had breakfast with my friend Rick and checked his whereabouts on his 55 oval he’s doing… Even on Saturdays traffic is busy here!

2018-04-07 22.46.14_resized

Ever saw a matt white Rolls Royce?

2018-04-07 23.05.03_resized

On my way back north I took this very cool picture of the skyline of Los Angeles from 101 Freeway!

2018-04-07 23.09.40_resized

101 & 405, You bet there’s traffic over there!!…:)

2018-04-08 01.13.35_resized

Yours truly hunted down again a real cool car!! Smashed in the front, Edwin here it comes…:)

2018-04-08 02.31.53_resized

Thanks to my friend Reed who came down and helped me out with his winch!! Thanks Reed!! You made this happen!

2018-04-08 02.51.35_resized

So next thing to do was following Reed (in his convertible) to his house to spend the night…

2018-04-08 03.13.21_resized

Reed lives in a nice house in the hills about 10 miles inland from Ventura… but if the house is nice, look at his shop… now that’s what I call character… the shop is almost same size as the house!!

2018-04-08 03.47.10_resized

What’s in the shop I hear you ask?

Maybe tomorrow more… 🙂

So stay tuned…

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