From Phoenix Arizona to Reno Nevada

Yesterday morning I visited two companies in Phoenix, one highly specialised in competition off-road cars, the other one building replica Porsche speedsters…

First the competition guys… this shop is led by a former Nascar Champion and a multiple award engine builder who made engines for the Penske team, and many others…

2018-04-03 18.32.02_resized

The shop was very impressive with loads of “big” machinery!

2018-04-03 18.38.09_resized2018-04-03 18.38.22_resized2018-04-03 18.38.56_resized

They fabricate a lot of parts and build all nicely together!!

2018-04-03 18.43.32_resized

They even have a four-wheel drive dyno, the only one in the Phoenix area as they told me…

2018-04-03 18.44.17_resized

They have two¬† dyno’s for motorcycles and ATV’s, the ATV competition market is huge for them!

2018-04-03 18.51.40_resized

The outside parking lot looked almost like a starting grid!

2018-04-03 18.51.59_resized

From there I drove to a company that bought a speedster replica factory in California, and moved it to Arizona… real nice speedsters! exported all over the world… this one goes to Croatia…

2018-04-03 20.19.20_resized2018-04-03 20.19.29_resized

They build 1,5 to 2 cars a week..; a whole task…

2018-04-03 20.21.15_resized2018-04-03 20.21.37_resized2018-04-03 20.24.19_resizedBodies are made in Mexico and painted in Phoenix…

2018-04-03 20.25.00_resized2018-04-03 20.25.08_resized

In the building next door the owner housed his private collection of incredible nice American iron!

2018-04-03 20.29.46_resized

Around lunch time I left for Reno a full 12hr trip… with an extra 1,5 hrs delay in las Vegas because there was a crash in a road work….:(

Arizona is full of cactus as I told You yesterday… they’re about everywhere…:)

2018-04-03 21.41.15_resized2018-04-03 22.00.58_resized2018-04-04 00.27.04_resized

Hitting Nevada, at the Hoover dam, no time to stop sorry….:(

2018-04-04 01.26.45_resized

Soon after the traffic que in Vegas the sun went down and all went dark… I drove through the night, sad I can’t show You pictures from my favourite Highway 95 with very cool old places like Goldfield en Tonopah… maybe next time…:) so stay tuned!

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  1. Hi Bob!

    Thank you for visiting our facility at Leading Edge Racing Engines. We enjoyed very much our interaction and looking forward to doing business in the near future.

    Best regards,

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