If you need 5000 miles badly, jump in the plane to the westcoast and drive baby, drive!

Sometimes I just need a 5000 mile trip… like here and right now, so right before Easter I jumped on a plane direction of San Francisco (without flowers in my hair!)

KLM granted me a ride in a Boeing 787 Dreamliner… real nice and one of the best planes I have ever flew in!

2018-03-28 12.18.13

Weather was good so the flight was excellent, and open weather means nice eagle eye views from the plane at arrival!… the first bridge You see is the golden gate, the bridge there after is the Bay bridge.. and San Francisco is on the right, Oakland of the left of the Bay bridge… just so You know…:)

2018-03-28 23.09.47

This time an extra one, especially for BBT shop Peter, he simply loves these pictures…:)

2018-03-28 23.10.01

Landed, and lined up for immigration (took forever this time) so I made it barely on time to pick up my car… start driving…. yammie!

All weird things You see in the States! like this bill board, with a real van in front of it, now that’s what we call publicity!

2018-03-29 00.41.18Drive south and more south….

Thirsty? Just get a Miller, here You probably straight from the brewery!…:)

2018-03-29 19.20.24

This is how a crashed Lambo looks like… the front was even worse… bye bye dollars…..  or ask daddy again…:)

2018-03-29 20.09.01

Long straights, first 1000 miles are a fact, and im barely 2 days over!

Several stops to see customers and suppliers around, is always good! Thanks for the tip of the Mexican restaurant in Palm Springs Steve! I enjoyed it fully!

2018-04-03 01.01.14

This is how desolated waste land looks like.. some call it desert…:)

Oh yes this is also California …:) a different California…:)

2018-04-03 01.01.57

Mecca? wasn’t that in Saudi Arabia? Did I miss the right exit? Thanks god Twenty-nine Palms is familiar to me!…:)

2018-04-03 01.19.00

Some collect Volkswagens, some others  collect …. Tanks!

2018-04-03 01.35.18

Need a tyre for your single wheel trailer???

2018-04-03 01.36.52

and more long straights, pretty busy Freeway I 10 going from LA to Phoenix Arizona… the difference between the two states is in Arizona grow cactus…:)

2018-04-03 01.38.30

A selfie from yours truly on a long boring road… this was not with my smart phone, but with my reflex camera, hence its visible…:)

2018-04-03 02.09.41

More desert… more nothing…:)

Gives You nice peace of mind, at least it does give it to me!

2018-04-03 02.12.34

Arrived in Phoenix was almost dark… the University stadium is IMPRESSIVE from the freeway… sorry I could not take better pictures, I was on the far left lane of a busy 5 lane or so freeway!…:)

It’s all indoor, and crazy big!!

2018-04-03 04.21.26

Hit the hotel.. wrote this Blog and ready for bed now… tomorrow I will visit a champion machine shop… hopefully they allow me to take pictures! So stay tuned!! (and thanks for reading my crap…LOL)


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