For sale, driver splittie with cool logos and surfboard that needs welding

Let us introduce you our “chicken” kombi!! This is a way to cool bus we simply couldn’t pass, ….:)

2018-03-26 14.36.05_resized

Comes with its own proper surfboard!…:)

How You like the logo’s??

2018-03-26 15.25.32_resized

Needs rockers, outriggers and floors…

2018-03-26 15.25.56_resized

But it’s so uber cool!

2018-03-26 15.26.12_resized

The front panel is still ok!

2018-03-26 15.28.07_resized2018-03-26 15.28.16_resized

Seats been redone already!

2018-03-26 15.28.39_resized

Dash is cool and uncut!

2018-03-26 15.29.02_resized

Cargo area is empty…

2018-03-26 15.29.12_resized2018-03-26 15.30.12_resized

The engine runs and this bus really drives, now, how cool is that??

2018-03-26 15.33.39_resized

Looks way to cool with its surfboard…

2018-03-26 15.35.17_resized

This is a real cool bus! Pretty complete too. It does run, drive and stop. it needs welding but was not messed up yet and is definitely no bondo bucket! Full picture set available!

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