Friday Product Update

Welcome to our Friday Product Update, where we present this week’s  new items and most important product updates…

With the ever-growing demand for bay window parts, we’ve decided to start up the bus seat covers in our permanent stock program.

We already sell them for a while  through our shop and use them in many on our own buses. Their fit is very good and the material is strong…

We deliver also the seat paddings for them of course, you can find here

Be carefull when ordering, make sure it’s the right model for your seats. Bus seats have not  changed all at the same time, but utilities and basic Kombi versions used this seat model a way longer as deluxe buses and campers… These seat covers are designed for ALL early bay windows and for all bay windows ; where the driver seat has a big round knob in front  of its base pointing to your steering  to adjust the backrest, and where the passenger seat is mounted on hooks and is not adjustable. If your passenger seat is mounted on rails, this is not the correct set for your car.

We will add more bus seat covers each month from here on…

3165-500 Front seat covers black – basket weave – vertical seams – Bus 08/67-07/72

3165-501 Front seat covers beige – basket weave – vertical seams – Bus 08/67-07/72

This little clip mounts your dashpod into your dashboard of your beloved bay window.

Our first production was gone in “a blink of the eye” as we say, so we’ve got a second run ready now, ready for delivery!

2675-700 Dashboard clip holds dashboard cluster to dashboard- Bus 08/67-07/79

These are the valve cover springs for the early type VW engines 25 and 30 DIN HP (that’s 36  HP SAE for our American friends using SAE norms).

We teamed up with a very reliable spring factory in Belgium to make springs in a good quality, (read; equal or better as NOS items, as we gave them the right samples)

This clip has been made in real high quality spring steel!

Simply a perfect fit, feels and smells, exactly like we want it! The best valve cover spring on the market!

Prevent oil leaks by worn or tired original clips and go for these strong reproduction ones.

Grant your vintage VW engines BBT parts, they deserve it!

1768-250 Valve cover clip for 25 & 30 DIN HP (that’s 36SAE) Volkswagen engines

We also offer our OWN production valve cover clip for your 1960 and later built Type 1 (Beetle and Ghia) engines. Including 1200, 1300 and 1600cc. Fits equally all upright Type 2 (Bus) engines built after 1960 and all Type 3 engines.

These clips have  been 100% made from NOS units, without any compromise (and we drove the spring factory crazy to achieve this result believe us!!)

Perfect fit, perfect tension, perfect size…

This is exactly like original!!
Simply the best on the market, period!
Proudly made in Belgium.
Available from our shelves right away!

1768-1 Valve cover spring for all “upright” Beetle, Ghia and Bus 1960 and later and all type 3 engines

The BBT FPU team wishes you a very wonderful and relaxing weekend….

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