Belgian first VW show for 2018 was yesterday… Freddy Files put Ninove in to a “Thing Fling”

Forecast was bad, real bad, but all in all rain stayed away from 08.30hr in the morning so we had a nice dry day with sun coming and going… but before all we had VW’s, a lot of VW’s showing up in Ninove, and that’s the reason we go to a VW show, don’t we?

Little John and Big Brother welcomes you!

2018-03-11 14.14.51_resized

Ffffast Fred latest project, now how cool is this?

2018-03-11 14.15.05_resized

Split window bus rules… and there was plenty to choose from!

2018-03-11 14.16.14_resized2018-03-11 14.16.51_resized

Raise your roof, lower the suspension…

2018-03-11 14.17.23_resized

I said; LOWER that suspension…

2018-03-11 14.17.37_resized

How low You can go on Audi???

2018-03-11 14.18.16_resized

or a beetle?

2018-03-11 14.18.34_resized

or on a Westy????

2018-03-11 14.24.13_resized

but king of the lower cars stay always splitwindow buses! Nothing looks as bad ass as a lowered splittie!! Especially if there’ Bob written all over it….

2018-03-11 14.24.17_resized

But even without Bob on it it’s still cool sitting….

2018-03-11 14.24.27_resized

but… a Lowlight Ghia is extreme cool too, so classy!!

2018-03-11 14.25.42_resized

You would think beetles been made on eye hight for extreme young mechanics…

2018-03-11 14.26.39_resized

Mean machines…

2018-03-11 14.27.00_resized2018-03-11 14.49.52_resized2018-03-11 14.50.03_resized2018-03-11 14.50.19_resized

or classy Vintage… Geoffrey came out in style, with matching Westfalia Wolfsburg trailer….

2018-03-11 14.50.40_resized

Unrestored splittie…

2018-03-11 14.51.07_resized

simple but nice… do one need more???

2018-03-11 14.51.28_resized

Streets of VW’s and people, this is such a cool show!!

2018-03-11 15.08.59_resized

Patina get’s real hot!! Maybe I screamed it long enough…:)

2018-03-11 15.09.41_resized

Not exactly BBT housestyle but extreme cool for sure!

2018-03-11 15.09.50_resized

Squarebacks are very nice to look at, always!

2018-03-11 15.10.07_resized

Big contingent 914’s landed… You like them green? any green? ….

2018-03-11 15.10.29_resized

or any other color? On the other side of the street…:)

2018-03-11 15.10.37_resized

Lowered Ghia is ubercool, nice stance!

2018-03-11 15.14.43_resized

Crowded streets, and more people …:)

2018-03-11 15.15.11_resized

Lowlight Ghia… timeless classic!

2018-03-11 15.15.49_resized

90’s style super beetle, from the days i still had hair!!

2018-03-11 15.16.28_resized

I had to pick the special BBT Bob award and my eyes catched this extreme cool double cab… Australian specification it was RHD and had an extreme cool engine cooling feature….

2018-03-11 15.37.44_resized

Besides that it was also immaculate restored… yes it carried my heart away!!

2018-03-11 15.37.51_resized

Don’t see those airboxes around rainy Belgian every day!

2018-03-11 15.37.55_resized2018-03-11 15.38.04_resized2018-03-11 15.38.12_resized

But off course main thing was the “Thing Fling”… and yes they did “fling”, as there was many “thing”!!

2018-03-11 15.46.01_resized2018-03-11 15.46.06_resized2018-03-11 15.46.11_resized

But after all a VW show is Life… real life… hang out between the buses boy…. well hell yeah!

2018-03-11 15.46.52_resized

Thanks to Fffast Fred and his team to make it happen again! Ninove is one of Belgium’s best! No discussion!

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