Sao Paolo skylines… time to say goodbye…..

Many people ask me what I think about Brazil and especially about big city Sao Paolo… well its huge… but… its way more as only favelas. Don’t want to minimalize the favelas but in the western world many people think Sao Paolo is only about favelas and that’s NOT the truth!

Sao Paolo is a rather modern city and has many and very beautiful skyscrapers… on my way back to the hotel earlier this week I took a couple of “impression” pictures to share with all of you!

2018-03-02 20.20.56_resized2018-03-02 20.22.44_resized2018-03-02 20.23.21_resized

But there’s many more!

It’s a vibrant city as well, with lots of nice restaurants and especially very friendly people, everywhere!

And many trendy places.. like this biker bar, burgers, beer, motorcycle wash & barbershop, all a biker needs, definitely one of our favourites!

2018-03-03 15.15.53_resized

They even have Belgian chocolate here!


And they have beautiful VW collections, (Thanks to Camillo to let visit his collection!)

2018-03-03 20.45.09_resized.jpg

Time to say goodbye for this trip report of last two weeks I like to finish with a beautiful sunrise out of my hotel room… time to fly home now…


Bye bye Sao Paolo, hopefully till anytime soon!

A very special Thank You to “Uncle” Sammy and “nephew” Ricardo who, without any doubt, made our life in Sao Paolo very easy!! Thank you guys, I own you big time!

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