Fun in Brazil! New friends and a very special visit!

Yesterday (saturday) we made a verde a trip to see a very special car and we stopped by Katrake, a VW shop specialised in suspensions. We had a very fun day and learned to know a couple of new VW friends with their hearts in the right (VW) place!

My friend Luiz from  the Brazilian VW Magazine VW Klassik drove us today to see a very special car…

2018-02-24 17.45.29_resized

I heard from this car before, it looked like a race car  build on a platform from a 1946 Beetle.

2018-02-24 17.25.47_resized2018-02-24 17.25.32_resized

Its made in Germany, around 1949 and it was part of a traveling circus…

2018-02-24 17.25.17_resized

Most parts are authentic 1946,a s are the numbers… it’s really beautiful made, with a big eye to detail!

2018-02-24 16.58.47_resized

Chassis is seriously shortened and also made smaller!

With a Kubelwagen rear axle and a sedan front axle…

2018-02-24 16.52.13_resized

2018-02-24 16.56.15_resized2018-02-24 16.59.18_resized

as period newspaper pictures shows it was used on the “Wall of Death”!


First in Germany later it moved to Brazil…


In the collection the race car resides lately there’s a lot of other cars, very interesting we thought was also this Tatra… very nicely restored!!

2018-02-24 17.43.17_resized

And also this Tempo Matador panel van! Extremely rare! Never saw another one in the flesh!

2018-02-24 17.51.42_resized

and besides many other there was also a choice of Isetta’s!

2018-02-24 17.53.30_resized

After this breath-taking visit Luiz and his (highly pregnant) wife brought us to this very nice lunch place!

Thanks Luiz, You gave us a wonderful day!

2018-02-24 20.42.20_resized

Luiz dropped us off to meet another friend, Edgar… he awaited us at the Katrake Vw shop… highly specialised in VW suspensions!

2018-02-24 22.41.27_resized2018-02-24 22.39.36_resized

Alexandre, the owner, his weak (VW) spot are standard beetles!

2018-02-24 22.43.49_resized2018-02-24 23.26.31_resized

Mandatory sticker ceremony… this shop is BBT approved!!

2018-02-24 22.35.24_resized

From right to left BBT Jerry, Alexandre and yours truly… new friends for life!!

2018-02-24 23.29.07_resized

Today we fly to the south of Brazil for many more…. so stay tuned!


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