Friday Product Update

Welcome to BBT’s Friday Product Update…

Now that Bob and Jerry are visiting our Brazilian suppliers and manufacturers, it doesn’t mean our purchase department is taking it easy.

To complete our range of wiring harnesses we now have the missing ones for VW beetle convertibles AND for 181… We know the pictures all look the same or about, but if you click on the picture it guides you directly to the right product in our online catalogue!

Are you ready to order?

0692-5859 Wiring harness Beetle Convertible 1958-59

0692-6060 Wiring harness Beetle Convertible 1960

0692-6161 Wiring harness Beetle Convertible 1961

0692-6264 Wiring harness Beetle Convertible 1962-64

0692-7171 Wiring harness Beetle Convertible 1971

0692-7272 Wiring harness Beetle Convertible 1972

0693-181 Main wiring harness Type 181

They were  for a long time unavailable, but now we have  these cool products back in stock !

0307 Cal-Look front window rubber Super Beetle 73-

0343-1 Outer pop-out seal (pair) Beetle -64

7417 Side Window seal fixed – Bus -07/67

1130 Brakeline bend tool

 We have these cool vent wing locks in our program since 2014, but…. we’ve found out that our description wasn’t very accurate!

We tested and fitted on to our buses to figure exactly out what it’s all about…

0517-950 and 0517-955 are for center and rear side ventwing  for your Bay window, our 0517-05 and 0517-06 are for the front vent wings (yes, the ones in your cab doors), these are the same as for Beetle 68- and type 3 71-

0517-950 Ventwing lock middle and rear – Bus 08/67-07/79 left

0517-955 Ventwing lock middle and rear – Bus 08/67-07/79 right

The BBT FPU team wishes you all a fantastic weekend, and to Bob and Jerry safe travels!!

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