Friday Product Update

BBT offers now a full gasket set for the split case transmission up to 1960. Proudly made in Germany this is the best money can buy!

1415-080 Gasketkit for transaxle – Beetle -07/60, Bus -04/59 German

Get rid of that play on your door hinges!! BBT delivers the door hing pin for your early bus (split window bus) in stainless steel. Top quality as you’re used to get from BBT at a real decent price. Sold each!

0475-500 Door hinge pin standard – Bus -07/67 Stainless Steel

The little screw that makes a big difference! Now available brand new. These small screws hold the split window pop out window frame together! Sold each!

0397-130 Screw side pop-out frame – Bus -07/67 Stainless Steel

Bay window Westfalia louvre windows are operated to open and close the turning section by a big knob that was made from plastic but didn’t withstand time very well. Plastic became hard and broke especially on buses baking in the Californian sun, which have been lately imported into Europe with so many. BBT got now the perfect solution for this problem with these brand new knobs, that are perfect in any way and UV resistant as well! Looks and feel like the original, this is the real deal, no compromise!

6620-100 Westfalia louvre window knob (black) Bus 08/67-07/79

6620-101 Westfalia louvre window knob (White) – Bus 08/67-05/79

Did you know BBT makes the best quality blade on the market for over twenty years now? Back in the day we tooled up for these bumpers and put a real high end quality control to ensure we only bring the very best bumper on the market.

These bumpers will easily outlive you. Not just polished stainless steel, that will turn yellow, but intensively polished before high-end electrolysing, what gives the stainless steel material the highest chrome finish one can get on this entire planet! Top quality, and even more, for your high-end restored car!

Don’t compromise, this is and stays the very best.

With these bumpers we leave the competing manufacturers light years behind us if we talk about quality. Make sure to buy BBT stainless steel bumpers and beware for cheaper inferior quality. Ours are in the only top quality, all the others on the market don’t come even close! Look for the BBT brand!

0007-3 Bumper front stainless steel Beetle -07/67 European model BBT

0008-3 Bumper rear stainless steel Beetle -07/67 European model BBT

BBT FPU team wish you all a very relaxing weekend, dreaming of our top-notch quality products!

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