The good old Karmann factory in Osnabruck.

The Karmann Factory don’t exist anymore, but BBT friend Eric found this cool picture and shared with all of us!

Eric and I both wonder where that sign is!


BBT wish You a very relax sunday!!


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  1. H i Bob,
    Ik ken deze plaats.
    in 1952 heb ik een lading Bumpers en Weeldoppen da afgeleeverd met onze tun moderne Truck een Krupp Mustag. de Chroomdeele hebben wij bei Fa. Boch Stuttgart opgehaald en in Osnabrück ontladen.
    wens jullie allemal een:
    vrolijk feest en een prettige nieuwe jaar 2018

  2. dag hans
    ongelofelijk, jij hebt het echt allemaal echt gezien… ik moet toch een keer naar Ibiza komen want ik denk dat je me nog veel verhalen vertellen kunt!



  3. Dear Eric,
    the picture was taken at the entrance to the old Karmann factory, located in Martinistrasse in Osnabrück/Germany. To the left of the gate was the director´s villa of the late Wilhelm Karmann, founder of the company. From 1959 until 1961 I happened to live there as a child, while my father served as human resources manager at Karmann. We had a large apartment there and a wonderful green Karmann Ghia Cabriolet for the family’s use. After elementary school i used to visit the gatekeeper in the building with the “Karmann” sign on top and watched all the nice cars moving in and out. The production had already moved to newly built modern premises, but here was a testing and research lab, also for prototypes.
    What a nice time long gone!
    Best Regards
    Christian Herr

  4. Hi Christian
    appreciate your comment on my blog,
    you’re very fortunate you can rememeber your whitnessed this life! wowh!
    For sure not a lot of people can say that!
    Thank you so much, it makes my picture so much more complete


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