Last road trip in USA for me… tomorrow we’re heading home!

The last trip, drove from Los Angeles to Arizona and from there back to the bay area for flying home…

The reason of this last road trip was to see my friend Chris from US Autobarn fame… (remember the BIG junkyard? That was Chris’) Chris is ill and only God knows how long he will be longer with us… a last visit was so appropriate and I left LA on Wednesday afternoon right before Thanks giving, Probably I don’t have to tell You traffic was a mess, a big mess, It took me 5 hrs to Barstow something i can do normally in 1 hr 45 mins…. sjeez!

2017-11-23 19.32.12_resized

I like to drive in the desert and sunrise in the desert is very special, always! I enjoyed a real nice one on Hwy 40 going east… this is like the old route 66…

2017-11-23 16.48.23_resized

2017-11-23 16.56.21_resized

Hwy 40 is really cool to drive…  lot of “desert” scenery…:)

2017-11-23 18.24.23_resized

Getting to Needles is driving through a small town right on the Historic Route 66

2017-11-23 18.46.23_resized

Arrived at Chris place… super cool (LARGE!) garage with his own personal man cave!

2017-11-23 19.31.58_resized

2017-11-23 19.31.04_resized

Meltebeke is besides a name of a town in West of Belgian country also the name of a VW Dealer ship…. I didn’t know that…:)

2017-11-23 19.33.17_resized

2017-11-23 19.35.40_resized

2017-11-23 19.38.50_resized

Here’s the man… Chris with his wife and yours truly… it was so good to see him!

2017-11-23 20.31.20_resized

The way back was very cool too, as it was full daylight now… so here some impressions…

2017-11-23 20.50.13_resized

2017-11-23 20.50.29_resized

2017-11-23 21.08.03_resized

2017-11-23 21.57.25_resized

So the last thing to do for me when I was back in the bay area was loading up my trailer… full size trailer for a half a bus!…:)

2017-11-25 03.13.13_resized

So now I’m about ready to leave to the shipper, drop my car and trailer and “Uber” myself to the airport… flying home…. Home sweet home!!


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