Friday Product Update

Hope your Thanksgiving turkey is all digested by now and You all had a great day with the family yesterday… Thanksgiving is a big thing in the USA!

No american travel adventures from Bob today, but our weekly Friday Product Update, with again some very interesting parts news!

We had the economy version of this fuel sender longer time in our program under our BBT ref 0493-7 but most customers wanted a better quality as the cheap one was not as good as it looked… problem is inside,  a very thin wire that holds the float needs almost nothing to break… that problem is finished now with the top quality, easily comparable with OEM! BBT cares about quality parts as nobody else!

In stock now and ready for delivery!

0493-705 Fuel sender TQ – Bus 02/55-07/67, KG 8/60-7/61 & 8/66-

The following products came finally back in stock after longer time being unavailable…


4870-121 Rear luggage rack KG (chrome) BBT



0664-100 Headlight Vintage grills Type1/Type2 -67 (pair)

BBT FPU team wish You a wonderful weekend!

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