The Californian trip continued!

We continued our trip through a lot of suppliers, unfortunately it became so hectic we weren’t able to take pictures everywhere…

This was at Rancho transaxles… BBT distribute Rancho for ages, a visit is always impressive to see how many transmissions they have!

or drive axles…

or drive axle housings..

or diff carriers! really amazing!

From there we went to DPR machining, the people who make our welded counter weighted crankshaft, the crankshaft that don’t break.. Jose, the owner, gave us the full tour!

Their experience in VW crankwelding and grinding is unique on planet earth

Jerry, Jose and yours truly!

Can You figure out this plate?

in case you couldn’t…. its kreativ one

Next stop… Hot VW’s magazine HQ!!

our “bus” buddy eddy (for life) received us so well, it was ad Editor Shin was in Indonesia for Yogya VW festival, but we enjoyed at a magical VW place!!

Oh, the dog’s name is Joda, and Joda is the most famous VW dog on the planet!

And when the editor is not there, I’m glad to take his seat.. hi Shin, its me from your captain’s chair…:)

another burger every day for Jerry… and saved the best for last… today its Islands time!!

Finally we helped our buddy Rick to empty the last remains of Bugpack… will the Herbie body fit the white whale?

You bet!!

I dropped Jerry off at another friends place and he flies back home on Sunday… me… I have another week to go with a lot of things to do… i will report as good as i can… so stay tuned!

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