For sale; Fresh catch in California! 1967 kombo split window bus projects, a panel van and a cheap 11 window!

As told yesterday already, my first day in California was very succesful! With 4 cars bought only a couple of hours I was out of the plane!

After the Oval rag project and Ghia coupe presented yesterday today i like to give You a sneak preview of the two split wind bus projects I got. Both are very solid,and both are non walk through with uncut bulkheads….

First I show You the cheap  1967 11 window project... it’s a solid bus but has a collision left front below on the A pillar, front and cab floor….

Should run according the owner and is mechanically very complete!

Inside is empty, but I can eventually supply a set of front seats at extra cost. or any other parts off course!

Normally I should pass on these type a bus in this condition but this one was to solid and to cheap to let slip, so  i simply bought it and even it looks not nice at first sight there’s a lot of crappy buses on the market that are not even half as good as this one and priced for double money as I look for here!

Next I have a 1967 panel van, was all collapsed in a garage so sorry about the pictures, it’s a one family owned bus from a dry cleaner in North California.

The bus is INCREDIBLE SOLID AND DRY! unbelievable, the grand son of the family started the restoration but never came any further as the primer…

Is mostly complete (glass etc) and is a very easy project to finish!

Perfect to put your company logo’s!!

Look underneath how dry and solid, the whole bus is like this!!

We can either ship out of California to your country of destination, or we will ship these babies home to BBT HQ where we expact them to arrive some where in January, when they will be presented with much better pictures off course….

For all inquiries meanwhile just drop me an email on and I try to reply as soon as I can, I check my emails daily…:)


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