Friday Product Update; New cab floors arrived! LHD and RHD!! And the rear part for your splittie roof as well!

This week BBT was busting!  We received our ship load of sheetmetal, in between was our new cab floors… another work of quality, perfect fit well-tested and at least as high quality as original NOS parts… these floors are just another step in our total bus sheetmetal development! More panels to come….soon!

These floors been made on patterns of BBT buses… and fitted on BBT buses, Your sign for quality!

Available for Left and Right hand drive from our stocks, order yours now!

Your new floor awaits on our shelves!

0890-134-0 Front floor pan – Bus 03/55-07/58 LHD


0890-135-0 Front floor pan – Bus 08/58-07/67 LHD

Check our quality and finishing, incomparable with all the “repair” panels on the market, we, at BBT, are not developing “repair” panels, but we produce only “RESTORATION PANELS”, different philosophy for a better product!

No cheap half solutions, but deep going quality for perfect results… buy your parts from people who love and care Vintage Volkswagens at least as much as you do!



0890-135-1 Front floor pan – Bus 08/58-07/67 RHD

Besides the cab floors we also had the rear end of our Splitwindow bus roof separately pressed, packed and shipped! When only the rear end of your roof is damaged no need to replace completely! Ready available from our stocks!!!

0890-830 Roof repair panel rear – Bus 03/55-07/67

We also like to remind You that all of our sheetmetal comes in WELD THROUGH PRIMER! Perfectly coated, perfect for storage and transport and no need to grind down when You weld this, Strong, easy and fast!! BBT thinks about you!

BBT FPU team wish you all a wonderful weekend with sweet dreams of your new cab floors!

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