My way back home, a stopover in New Delhi India for a blitz visit to some manufacturers!

On my flight back from Osaka I made a stop over in New Delhi for a “Blitz” visit to some manufacturers…

India is a very different country, mostly Hindoo, people are extremely friendly, hospitality is super great, but some infrastructure… well i don’t know…:)

A small impression I like to share with all of you! …

India makes a lot of rubber parts so I visited two rubber manufacturing plants…

This guys says thank you to all BBT customers for buying the parts he makes, what gives him a job! social systems don’t really exist here, no job is pure misery!

They used to call tuk tuk but here they just say “Auto”… they been used for everything and there is thousands of them, they’re fairly cheap and transport everything… and they all drive (like all small commercial en all public transport) on CNG!

a full truck is many times an extra taxi…:)

big trucks are very impressive and very nicely “dressed up”, the Indian way!

No visit to Delhi without seeing the Taj Mahal, about 2,5 hr drive south of Delhi, if not in rush hour…:)

A grave stone for his beloved one, the King let build this memorial palace in pure marble with thousands of jewels laid in the marble, no paint! 20.000 people worked for 17 years here, and 5 more years on the surroundings! Everything is about perfect!

Another “auto” this one is a Piaggio…

But also on a bike You can transport about everything… if you’re creative, that is…:)

You can drive everything on the freeway, also heavy loaded tractors!

Another dressed up truck!

Crazy Delhi traffic!

if an “auto” is too expensive a three wheeling bike called “Riksja” is cheaper transport…

Hello BBT customers we pack your orders carefully!!

Dressed up truck in an industry sector….

I’m not completely sure about power lines, crazy engineering for sure!

A lost truck shot on my way to the airport…

Time to fly back home! some very interesting jobs awaiting me… believe me! but what a trip it was!!

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