Klassisches VW Treffen in Japan n°5 one day of pure vintage VW pleasure!

The drive wasn’t for nothing… and the dinner more than likely necessary to keep emotions under control for this almost unbelievable beautiful day of pure Vintage VW genugen in Japan….

The morning start at the host hotel to the venue!

Mount Fuji watched us, but the top was cloudy almost all times!…:(

Larry was a great co pilot…. and he knew how to leave a car with suicide doors in style!! Watch the line up too!

Sponsor boots were nicely detailed as ever… BBT prominent in the middle!! …:) Thanks Nao…:)

Drive in to the showfield was one of its own! downhill… was wonderful!

My Dannenhauer (for the weekend) had a beautiful interior… thought that my MOON bag fitted perfectly…

not only the interior… also the engine was nicely detailed! a real Okrasa power plant! dove like hell!

already to show off!

this was the other cars flat 4 brought out, a freshly restored Rometsch Laurenz and a 1948 chassis that was awaiting its body…

This Rometsch carries a WOB West Okrasa kit! oh yes available @ BBT … we distribute these as well..:)

Swapmeet was cool… look at this little publicity for KOOL cigarettes, don’t think any brand dare to try written such things anymore… Japanse is weird language sometimes, translations are not easy…:)

The show is strictly vintage, but vendors and swappers brought off course other cars, nice ones too!

always good to see my old Fridolin back, where are the days I cruized this in California????

Also this year the new owner asked me to sign his dashboard…:)

The Flat 4 booth…

Lunch time, maybe we need an extra strong Pepsi????

here some pictures about the show…

everything captured by drones!

As said the swapmeet was cool,  and I saw a lot of goodies… maybe I should have bought this one… I didn’t ask for the price… never saw this Tipco Tow truck in this color combination…

Larry the king! in a MONSTER seat!

Award time!!

Tony choose this Zwitter… we sold the car to Japan about 15 years ago, One low (The owner) restored last three years, the car is better as perfect!!

My personal pick was this 1956 coral-red oval window…. all patina, just perfect, not one single spot of rust… absolutely my favorite!

Larry picked this wonderful cool bus, probably for the color? Lol, no, this was a real nice finished bus in postal yellow! very special!! loads of detail and 100% correct! And Larry has a weak point for buses, he drove his Super 90HP powered double door over 200.000miles in the seventies!

This was mr Komori’s pick, sorry I do not have the details of this car, but it looked fabulous!

Oldest participant… this gentle man owns his 1967 beetle already for over 50 years!!! Now that is what we call dedication!!…:)

The winner line up!

Koji san and his friend Hide with the crazy bar Cafe Streamline . very good friends of DaHouze and very big fans of BBT!

This is the man that makes it happen!! all of it!! he steers, coordinate, organise! Nao you’re a hero!

Mr Komori and his team, beautiful picture!!! Thanks Mr Komori, thanks to the team, you’re all the best!! and your service is never seen anyplace!!

Garage Vintage came down from Osaka with their barndoor on wheels!! yes!!! we’re VW people!!

Before taking off, this is the picture of the car i picked for the awards, now You might understand why…:)

Mr Komori’s 356 Porsche looked like a million!

the show is over and we had to drive back…. but Japan, is not over yet, so more news, more info and more crazy pics about a crazy trip! Stay tuned!

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