Free Bulkhead!! We urgently need your bus….

Yes that’s right we give away a free bulkhead, brand new!

The tooling for our latest project the bulkhead for a 55- 63 VW bus are finished and last week we received the first pre production sample… as we urgently want to test the sample we’re looking for a bus that really needs one. If You have a German build (no Brazilians please) VW bus build between 1955 (post barndoor) and before July of 1963 (end of the bench seat) that needs a bulkhead just bring your bus and we will testfit the sample bulkhead in for you for free (finishing is on your behalf off course)… You might need to leave the bus behind for a couple of days…

Let’s make this a competition, who’s first can deliver his bus to BBT’s HQ @ Nijverheidsstraat 21 Brecht Belgium gets the bulkhead and the labor for free!!! And we’re not joking!!

Get in contact now with me on

We like to start-up production asap so the sooner we can test the faster we can help the VW community with bringing another quality product!


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