Friday Product Update

Vintage speed brought us a ball bearing linkage for dual carburetors… this one especially for Type 4 engines with Porsche style cooling system. The advantage of the ball bearing system should be less play and smoother operation, so You can dose the pedal on your feet better and more easy! New technologies for old cars make them work sometimes…:)

2187-700┬áLinkage with ball bearing for Type 4 engine with Porsche cooling – Vintage Speed


We missed one part of the B pillar in our line up, and we add this last week to our program, so now we can supply the complete lower B post from our shelves!

0890-424 B-post inner panel right (225mm) Bus -07/67 Auto Craft


Beach time, summer time, holiday time … BBT’s Peter is off this week and play beach pong with his brand new BBT rackets! Don’t miss out and order yours now!

9990-000 BBT Beach tennis set

Happy holidays, next week the FPU team enjoy their holidays so no FPU for next week, but we will be back alive and kicking on Aug 25!

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