Friday Product Update

This week we added all VW logos for the front and rear of your beloved T25/T3/Vanagon VW bus. Off course all these VW logos been sold under the VW license program, so all been legal in regards to trademarks and such. all different models listed below… never realised they made so many different….:)

No reason any longer to drive around without logos on your late VW bus!

0440-300 Emblem VW front chrome – Bus 05/79-07/87 -95mm (Original)


0440-305 Emblem VW front black – Bus 05/79-07/87 -95mm (Original)


0440-310 Emblem VW front chrome – Bus 08/87-07/92 -125mm (Original)


0440-315 Emblem VW front black – Bus 08/87-07/92 -125mm (Original)


0440-320 Emblem VW rear chrome – Bus 08/87-07/92 -100mm (Original)


0440-325 Emblem VW rear black- Bus 08/87-07/92 -100mm (Original)



and more T25/T3/Vanagon news as the 7642-000 Door window channel came back in stock after being longer time of no supplies… we have plenty now!

7642-000 Door window channel T25 05/79-08/92

The BBT FPU team wish You a very happy weekend!

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