A very special gift….

When Friend of Da Houze Kurt invited us over for the inauguration of his new building I came up with just a very special gift!

Kurt must be one of the largest EMPI collectors on Planet Earth and far beyond so I teamed up with Ron Fleming and Greg Aronson from FAT Performance fame, and let sign them the last the set of T bars they ever made before they closed down (in fact I let them sign three sets of T bars) these are the only three sets in the world. Thanks to my friend Rick Sadler for the handling these T bars arrived sound and safe in Belgium

So the very last set we framed nicely up and handed over to Kurt at his inauguration party for his new building… I’m sure they will get a very special place in his cool building. If You ever will be invited for a visit by Kurt do not hesitate! Its extreme cool and a huge tribute to the VW Cal Look scene!

Keep up the faith Kurt!


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