Friday Product Update


Finally the days are over for inferior quality indicator switches for late-model beetles!! We’re so happy we can offer now the equivalent of an original SWF switch! This switch is a s good as original and will serve You all day long!

0667-100 Indicator switch -Beetle 1300, 1302/03 8/71-, 1200 08/75-12/80 TQ


We also added the wiper switch for your late bay window to our program, when are used parts dried up it was time to find the reproduction, seems ok quality and is fully functioning, what is why we change a broken part in the first place, right?  Get that wipers back to work!

2446-015 Wiper switch – Bus 08/74-07/79


All spindles are slightly different and all fits a very specific spindle washer! This washer keeps your bearings in place like it should, and same time adjust the play on your front wheel bearings, (together with the nuts  so to speak) so a good spindle washer is mandatory. This is our last addition to our spindle washer line, and we think we have the whole range covered now!

1360-200 Spindle washer – Bus -07/63

All other spindle washers can be found HERE and HERE

Old VW wheels might have different sizes for the hole of your valve stems… we have the different sizes available now! Measure before ordering!

2590-200 Tirevalve diameter 15.2mm


2590-210 Tirevalve diameter 11.5mm


Standard beetle lovers, we’ve got You covered (again) !!

This brake cable for Cable brakes (NOT Hydraulic!!) will fit all VW’s that came with cable brakes, including Kubelwagens, KDF beetles and all post war Volkswagens that came from the factory with cable brakes. for a long time unavailable, we brought them back in a real good quality and even better, they’re proudly Made in Germany!

0925-01 Rear brake cable – Beetle -4/62 standard, Typ82 (TQ)


The front cable You can find HERE

BBT’s FPU team wish You a wonderful weekend!

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