Friday Product Update

Work on your safety! This little valve keeps the vacuum to your servo when your engine stalls, so your servo keeps working (and let you brake normally) when your engine stalls… This valve You can find in between your vacuum line right after your inlet manifolds, make sure yours is in place and works fine or replace with BBT’s perfect reproduction.

1208-600 Non vacuum returnvalve brake servo – Bus 08/70-


we do have a limited stock of these fine bulbholders for your very early cars back in stock, get yours as long as stocks last….

0626-300 Taillight bulb holder (single) Type 1 -52 / pair


Our prefered partner Wolfsburg West from California USA brought out a full line of locks and latches for your split window bus build between 1955 and 1963.

These locking and latches set is all complete for all that needs a key with simple one fitting key for all and every set will come with two keys, exactly like You bus came new from the factory… now how cool is that? Just as standard or stock as it can be!


0425-905 Lock set, all bus, except Pick Up and Double Cab 03/55-07/58




0425-910 Lock set, all bus, except Pick Up and Double Cab08/58-12/60




0425-915 Lock set, all bus, except Pick Up and Double Cab, 01/61-07/63





0425-920 Lock setall bus, except Pick Up and Double Cab,  07/63-12/63




Happy weekend!

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