Meet … Frank Atkinson… a real living mythe… and his unbelievable cool SO34 camper

This is an 40.000 og miles SO 34 Westfalia, owned for over 26 years by Frank Atkinson… real famous on- and off roader from yesteryears…

People that read old Porsche books must remember the name! Souping up your Volkswagen is also written by Frank..

2016-04-24 21.23.57 I always love to meet the old guys… the people behind the cars we do love so much, the people who helped to create the myth that the old Volkswagen (and old Porsches) today is…

Frank Atkinson was no exception, and a little talk with him was already long on my list, well this happened last Sunday at the Madera show. All I can tell… I met a truly very wonderful person! With a bright memory…

Did I enjoy our conversation?? You bet!

2016-04-24 21.56.59


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  1. I just purchased Glaser Porsche #12375 that Frank raced here in California. I would love to find out more about his time with the car. My shop, Liberty Motorsports, restores 356s here in Costa Mesa, CA. and will start on Frank’s car soon.

  2. Hi Jim

    sorry to say but I don’t have any of that information… try to ask Jim perrin maybve from the registry?

    alwaysd at your service and sorry I can’t help this time…


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