Travel report; A day in the beautiful city of Curitiba Brazil

One day, another three factories, lunch, dinner and an airplane ride back to Sao Paolo… yes we “deserved” this trip! …:)

used kombis everywhere in Brazil… feels good…:)

2016-03-07 13.43.07 First stop… Hubner/ Auto Linea… Manufacturer of engine cases and cylinder heads… yes, the news is out now, we do work on a new cylinder head, because our old ones are not up to standards and we dislike Chinese… so we started a while ago the new secret project called “German cylinder head”… no less than Three NOS  (Real NOS German!) been provided as samples, and today we check the progress in this project!

2016-03-07 14.05.41 Hubner is a state of the art factory, with “tons” of CNC machinery… here ‘s a small part of the Vw cylinder head production…

2016-03-07 14.56.08Main products for Hubner is the production of Mercedes-Benz Truck  engine blocks..; believe me or not they sell more of those as Mercedes themselves! Production is just impressive…

2016-03-07 15.05.31 R&D use extreme high technology German machines for testing, measuring and drawing… this latest technology is used to create our  new heads as well…

2016-03-07 15.09.27This is a production honing machine, slightly different from the ones we’re used to see in Machine shops all over the world…:)

2016-03-07 15.16.29 More engine blocks…

2016-03-07 15.19.37 ever saw a 4 cylinder Boxer diesel engine???

2016-03-07 15.23.26After Hubner/Auto Linea we went to our manufacturer for our New 6 volt regulator… and they gave us a lunch to die for… everybody seems to be convinced that this will be a good selling product! The lunch? Was incredible…this restaurant is voted regularly the best burger in the world… Alain and me can testify this is nothing but the truth!

Thanks Alisson and Luiz!

2016-03-07 18.27.21Here it is, in different stages… the lower pictures are the  new BBT 6 volt regulator that will work what it supposed to be made for, no cheap chinese stupid part, but  well-engineered super part!! Above some larger regulators to understand the working of an electronic regulator… complete below are our conductor board, actually the regulator it selves… funny uh?  The engineers here are extremely high skilled!

oh good news, test face is over, production started now!!!

2016-03-07 20.11.27Close up for the patented conduction boards…

2016-03-07 20.11.37 and here mounted in the housing…

2016-03-07 20.11.43 The factory is like a clinic, some departments we could only see from behind glass… dust free is not just a saying here!

2016-03-07 20.26.28 2016-03-07 20.30.22 Full automated assembly of the conduction boards!

2016-03-07 20.31.29 Next to Igasa, our manufacturer of Front axles (and gastanks)

2016-03-07 21.08.29 here start the production from our front axles, believe me or not…:)

2016-03-07 21.30.41 and yes, they need serious machines to produce front axles…

2016-03-07 21.31.07 Can You believe these pipes will become close to 500 ft axles, I’m not joking!

2016-03-07 21.32.09Serious punching machines, this is a real serious manufacturing plant!

2016-03-07 21.32.42 Press works…

2016-03-07 21.34.10 line up of 12ton presses!

2016-03-07 21.36.47 the “puma” part of the front axles…stamped in the back!

2016-03-07 21.38.24New tooling almost finished for the shock towers …

2016-03-07 21.51.58 2016-03-07 21.53.24And so another day passed by, we had dinner (Thanks Bino!) and ran for our plane back to Sao Paolo, only to found out had a 2 hour delay… planes…:(

Stay tuned for more crazy factory visits tomorrow!


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