For Sale; 1953 Barndoor Ambulance and 1957 Palm & Sandgreen kombi, Heavy projects!

Ever dreamed of an affordable barndoor lately? Or want to do your bit and save a split?


These two babies are not for the faint at hearted, but can be saved… I’ve seen them worse! Good thing is that both roofs and rain gutters are clean,


Let’s start with the barndoor… needs a full new chassis section.

DSC08918_blogThis baby got the looks for sure!

DSC08919_blogA real beast! We do have a Barndoor Front axle we can supply along for a small extra if required…

DSC08921_blogLeft side loading doors, but also left hand drive, pretty unique!

DSC08923_blog Barndoor specific bench seat and a lot of other Barndoor special parts are present in the driver cab…

DSC08928_blog Bulk head with cab divider all nicely uncut in place, unique on its own!

DSC08944_blog Barndoor only side lock…

DSC08945_blogNice and straight rain gutters…

DSC08948_blog No oversize hat here, a real barndoor is so recognisable on its roof don’t stick out above front windshields…


Next is the 1957 Palm Green Sand Green Kombi.. not only absolutely first paint, but also first owner! Some dents in the roof, but nothing that can’t be straightened out…

DSC08871_blogA lot of welding (complete chassis!) required, but drooling patina, and absolutely first paint everywhere!

DSC08873_blogSame as the barndoor ambulance ┬áthis bus has left loading doors with Left steering… a weird combo!

DSC08878_blogImagine bringing this one back to life!

DSC08880_blogAll need replacement underneath, but untouched means all references are still there….

DSC08894_blog inside still has all panels…

DSC08898_blogThe body is way better as average… sad about the underside as the rest of the body is fairly ok, look at the front panel….

DSC08902_blogIs there a rescue plan to this one? You can be the key!


Any interest in one or both of this buses? Give me a buz on


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  1. Hoi bob, ik vroeg me af hoeveel je vraagt voor de rode barndoor? + kan ik de assen van een splitbus van 59 hierop monteren?



  2. bonjour ,combien voulez vous pour le barndoor ambulance rouge que vous avez sur votre site? (si vous l avez toujours bien sur ) merci d avance…

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