BBT’s workshop update

Also in the New Year our workshop run full force…

BBT Patrick finish of the sliding roof from the 1976 Bay window deluxe… this bus is almost ready for its complete picture shoot and will appear on our website anytime soon !

DSC07635_blog BBT’s senior mechanic Koen comes to help a hand…sliding roofs are very particular to repair, but we, at BBT, train people till they’re specialists! Same time we do a lot of product testing for our parts range !

DSC07635a_blogThe other service bridge is loaded for a while with BBT’s winter project… will the 1963 custom hydraulic laddertruck be ready for the season to come?

DSC07636_blog BBT’s Koen work real hard on it, with a big eyes to detail! This will become a real show stopper….

DSC07637_blogThis will be an extreme clean bus when finished!

DSC07638_blogAny guess to what engine we transformed the engine bay? What kind of weird engine Bob will pull out of his stash to power this beauty??????  Only time will tell!


Stay tuned!

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  1. en nu Bob, set een Roststop Unit van Mij aan, en hij will nooit meer roesten met levenslange garantie.

    Maar jullie hebben extra fijn werk gedaan


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