The 1979 Volksplane

BBT friend of the house Roland from Suisse BBT distributor Cagero fame has added a real cool toy to his collection…. a 1979 Volksplane…

I saw more airplanes with VW engines in my career, sold parts for many more… but the neat thing about this one is that You can take of the wings, hang them on the side and then You can use “Volksplane” as a trailer behind your car… now that is what we call innovation… or maybe not, because if you’re looking for German airplanes from WWII they had all removable wings to being able to transport by train… as gas was scarce and expansive for the Germans….

Well anyway we thought Roland’s “Volksplane” was more than worth to share with all BBT fans on our Blog…

Volksplane1_blog Volksplane-1_blog Volksplane-2_blog Volksplane3_blogand even a little more style… towed by a VW Doka… Roland has the real deal!



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  1. Russell

    I don’t have that information, but will email you and put you in contactw ith the owner, Gerry, from Switzerland….

    always at your service

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