Travel report; JVWF 2013, The full report, Part 1

Because I don’t want to overload your computer I decided to split up my wonderful visit here in several portions for the rest of the week. (or almost!) Today (Monday) I fly off to Bali to visit some local friends and a couple of days of rest after these crazy non stop last 14 days of visit and travel. Next Friday I’m heading back for home… so meanwhile I hope You will enjoy my reports from The YogYa VW festival 2013 and let’s start with part 1, Saturday, Dec 28,  after my arrival at the venue!

Say hi to the crowds, from inside the BBT bus, and start walking….

First impressions? Very high build quality on an extreme creativity… Indonesian VW scene rocks! Believe me!

Do you prefer a race Ghia, or a bone stock, lowlight convertible? Choice is yours!

The quality AND quantity of Bay Window bus was enormous!

Friend Wawan’s latest Project, let us explain…. take a Porsche Cayman, rip off the body and all you don’t need and slice it under a split window bus body, almost ready to drive in style! In Indonesia there is no build limit….

And Wawan’s “other” bus, extreme nice and crazy cool finished panel with Indian motorcycle logo’s…. this is a panel van extreme! I wouldn’t mind shipping this over to Belgium!

Extreme buggies,  local fiberglass buggy builder. Top quality quality and finish again, wowh, would there be a market for such cool buggy bodies in Europe? We can import those if You want, we await your reactions! (but please only after January 07)…. on the picture with owner and builder ….

Mr President of crazy engine builders… that was how this car was announced to me.  The back was FULL of engine! The car is extremely fast, I’m so sorry I forgot to ask the best result, I was just too impressed…

How you like a set of BBT GT Sprintstars on a 181 “Thing”? cool huh?  Here the 181 is called “Safari” there is many and also several very nice ones! The sprints finish it off nicely!

Split extreme, as so many….

First life show entertainment, an authentic dance set from Papua. Indonesians are extremely proud on their heritage… it was very impressive too! Don’t forget to check out the banner in the back ground…

VW club of Bandung have their own broadcasting bus… This is just one of many examples of how hot VW club life in Indonesia really is!

Scale competition was massive too, with many cool models on display, I think this was my favorite pick….

The venue itselves was MASSIVE! Incredible, really large indoor, and outside outdoor too!

I said MASSIVE! Do you find  Alain on the picture?

The serious works, BBT pick of the weekend, won the very most coveted BBT GT Sprintstar trophy!

“Volksrod” is a car extreme, VW to the next level, it blew me away, wowh, especially the interior, about perfect… in my eyes that is… and yes, for Wawan especially, let it be clear; I like custom cars as well…

Oh yes, the wheels are home made, I said before, there is no build limit in Indonesia, when you want something, you make it, that’s final!

But “Volksrod” was not the only Hot rod, they had several on display, look at this cool front axle…..

Batek is a typical style of printing for Indonesia, on clothing, this motives been signed and painted by hand, on a car they use airbrush….

They do have them also in bus…

Take my breath away….

Oh yeah baby!

Over-sized Empi 5 spoke as a sitting corner table? Mr.Yumos would love to make them for you, inquiries welcome!

Or do you prefer a Type 34 sofa? Everything is possible, also available in 181 “Thing, beetle etc etc… fiberglass… Nice!

Getting local, hanging out with some VW club members from Bali….

Type 3 movement is very well going as well, the club and register do a great job, and had several cars on display over the weekend!

My favorite club booth, although the guy was kind a cool there was not a lot of “movement”….

First paint, all original, we do like originality! Wowh, even at water cookers?  Let us think a little bit about that…. but for sure we could appreciate!

Another “very special” car from VW Club from Bandung,  the “Disaster respond unit vehicle”, used at least once a year to support victims of natural disasters with medicines and first aid. Indonesia is living with active Volcano, frequent earthquakes and more natural activities of this kind, but a VW club that has a active respond vehicle to help? I’ve never seen before! Keep up the great job guys! You’re doing wonderful and are an example of humanity for the whole world!

I think Frederik needed urgently help from the nurses here…

Yours truly having a great time, found a toy in the kids corner he really liked….
The difference between man and boys is only the price of the toys! have fun!


Enough for today, other wise your devices will keep on loading pictures, but we will be back tomorrow for the next part of this beautiful show experience!


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  1. Thanks for coming, Bob.. See you in the next Jogja International Volkswagen Festival in Yogyakarta. 🙂

  2. Thank you for your post Mr. Bob… Welcome to Bali…..and enjoy your holiday, hope to see you in Bali and maybe we can go together with my Brazilian Bus hahahahhaa….My phn number 081558195244. say hello also to Anto teror garage…

  3. Thank’s for your BBT GT Sprinstar thropy sir.. I hope we meet in Bali.. Welcome to bali and Enjoy your holiday..

  4. Hi Bob, Linda, Alain, Fredderic, Nicolas…
    Its me.. Pungki..
    I miss u all..
    3 days with all of you is like a dream..
    Thks for coming in Jogja..
    Our Big Family, Volkswagen Club Yogyakarta ( VCY) , still waiting for your next visit in Jogjakarta -Indonesia..
    I will accompany you again.. And will bring a bus Hehehe (so we not in separate car like when I bring Crew Cab .. Hahaha)
    We hope you bring all of your friend there.. Come , and feel the amazing of VW spirit here…
    I Hope next year I can go to your Garage..
    Sorry if we have mistake and not perfect when we service you and your family.. And the traffic!!.. Hahaha..
    Enjoy your holiday in Bali

    Happy New year Bob!
    Send my best regards to your family…
    Still keep in touch!



  5. Hi Bob and Allan
    Thanks for coming to JVWF@ jogjakarta and visit us VCY , Volkswagen Indonesia….. Hope will meet U during Bad Camberg Convoy in 2015………
    Insya Allah bob , Volkswagen Indonesia bring more Enthusiast there…….

  6. O…M…G… Frederick and Nicolas are so grown up! They are huge! Give them my regards! Is Nicolas driving yet? I hope you bought one of those trikes Bob!

    Bill B.

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