Wowh! 1973 Westfalia arrived, this car is NIIIIIICE!

Sometimes things in life goes good, I awaited this Westy for a long time but patience pays off as we say… Wowh! this is a super nice Westy, a friend of mine in Montreal Canada sold it to me, two owners from new, only very very little used….  The first pictures (even without cleaning/detailing) prove a lot! We’ll  get it detailed soon with a full picture shoot on our website…

IMG_4795_blog IMG_4793_blogAll first paint except for one repaint of the nose….

P1020057_blog P1020056_blogDrivers cabin to drool from…

P1020060_blog P1020058_blogAnd a camping interior to dream off, no, better ….dream in…. Have a nice little sleep, good night….:)

P1020063_blog P1020062_blogDid we awake you? …. all info as always


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