Tourist drive in style! Old Spa attraction did survive and will be saved!

We’ve got a very high ranked visitor a couple of weeks ago, talking about freak?

Always served at the world famous Spa mineral water sources, For you, non water heads, community of Spa is part of Spa-Francorchamps historic (and still state of the art) race track where Le Bug Show is exactly this weekend!

Tempo 5

This is a real Tempo Matador drive train, powered by a VW engine (off course) I thought it was sooo cool! so wanted to share with you…

Tempo 9

The Tempo dashboard

Tempo 8

You said Basic?????

Tempo 7

The VW “power” plant…

Tempo 4
Get your places lady’s and gentlemen, we’re leaving soon….

Tempo 6

Pascal….. the lonely passenger!

Tech details; 

  • Build; 15/07/’53
  • Chassis; 141739
  • As; Tempo Matador Bus/Car

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