Unique car for sale, fully restored 1952 Tempo Matador pick up truck with VW engine….


My friend in Sao Paolo Brazil asked me to sell his beloved Tempo Matador as I used to have two of my own and I know most of the “survivors” its a real relief to get the opportunity to sell this fully restored one! Its a very nice car with no expense spared at time of restoration…

For You not too familiar, Tempo was made in Hamburg, by the Vidall & Son company… the only brand with official supply from Volkswagen for engines and some other parts (unlike Rometsch, Dannenhauer, Denzel etc), but never distributed by the Volkswagen chain of dealers (like Karmann, Hebmuller, Westfalia etc) and therefor probably the most special VW derivate on planet earth…. this model (with VW engine) is made only from 1949 till 1952

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For all information’s, prices and possibility’s, just contact me on Bob@bbt4vw.com


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  1. le volant n’est pas correct tout a fais, mais une d’un Barn c’est beaucoup trop large, c’est le meme model, mais plus petit…


  2. Thanks Salim, we are aware of that, this Tempo came from Uruguay. Its sold now and has a new and happy life in California….

    if You have picturezs of Tempo’s they’re always welcome…


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