Friday product update!

September is very slow for goods in, with stock taking end of the month to close our fiscal year we try to have less as possible in stock, as we will be taxed on all that’s on the shelves! so sorry, not that much new, BUT still enough to give You a nice product update this week….

Did you know BBT is major European distributor for TMI?

When You order before the 1st of each month your order will be 98% sure be at our place the end of the month, (2% change on Back order @ factory) we do this for several very large European company’s at very competitive prices, so why not for you? ask your BBT sales person for more information!

NEW! To complete your all time cooking experience .. The brand new edition VW Camper Cookbook “Rides Again”  , have a taste of it … also as in the first edition there is a BBT bus inside, with BBT’s Dennis, Steffi and Nicolas on board! Get your copy under….

BBT # 9439-100 VW Camper Cookbook “Rides Again”   

And still available “ The Original “ VW Camper Cookbook under BBT # 9439 VW Camper Cookbook

Back in stock: After the massive first load and sales we received the next delivery…. Get yours now …

BBT # 0729-200  Heater control mechanism for Beetle 10/52-07/64 and bus 07/51-07/67

Product highlight:  You all know that we stock all the seat padding for the perfect restoration of your seats, but did you also know that we stock all the padding for the perfect headrest restoration?  Give your original seats the treatment they deserve!

BBT # 3590-000 Headrest padding for Beetle 08/67 – 07/69

BBT # 3591-000 Headrest padding for Beetle 08/69 – 07/72

BBT # 3592 Headrest padding for Beetle 08/73 – 07/76

BBT # 3593-000 Headrest padding for Beetle 08/76-


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  1. Hello Bob,

    Hope you ‘re doing OK. A while ago , I think product update last january you mentioned the fact you were working on the the steering boxe for Split bus , as far as I remember you were not fully happy yet with the second generation (wrong positionning…) Is there any news ?
    Many thanks Denis

  2. Hi Denis

    thanks for your question…. in fact we had a meeting with the factory two days ago, and talked directly to the engineers… the sales guy (who is a nice guy by any means) translated the theory bad to the practice, so the engeeners made a wrong sample we even couldn’t drive! But now it seems they understood, and they promised the right sample any time soon, would not be too difficult they said to go for the modifications we asked, so not real news yet, but we’re behind the project, all seems positive and we hope to finish soon!

    Here again it showed that personal meetings and contact will never ever been replaced completly by E communications… sometimes the gestures in our languages seems way more important as we can imagine!

    keep an eye on our Blog for the continutaion, we will update regulary!

    Thanks again


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