This week extra @ BBT!

Busy, wowh, yes, Volkswagen’s are not death yet!

First my buddy Paul Wisk came to pick up the 1957 Palm Green Sand Green for Carl Elliot from the UK, Carl bought a hell of a bus! wow, drooling patina, wish them all the luck! and with a guy like Paul behind him I’m sure they will succeed…

have a good trip guys and take care!

Secondly, that evening I delivered a bus to my buddy Stefan and Brent from “De Garaasj” fame in Hoboken ( a suburb of Antwerp) , it was actually the first time I was at Stefan’s place and must agree I was seriously impressed!  I’m glad to share some pictures with all of You, so You can see how professional Stefan build up his company!

 cool atmosphere, a more then worthy VW place!

 Stefan does all mechanics and even light restoration jobs, his customer base is pretty large and solid!

 some nice VW style decorations….

 and the famous painting!

 Stefan recuperated the different color aftermarket body panels from BBT’s old shop, he made it into a nicely shaped bug…. did I mention the velocity stacks “sticking out” in the back?

all further information You can find on these guys website 


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